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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Mother turns to look at me.
Sophie: "What."
Mother: "What?"
Sophie: "What??"
Mother: "What?!"
Sophie: "This is a stupid conversation".

Punctuation makes all the difference in the world.

Remember I mentioned a teacher's marking of Prelim AQs a while ago? Here's photos stolen from my classmate!

Haha seriously. He completely scribbled across entire passages. That'd be my only incentive to be a teacher, I could get to come up with crEatIve comments, like how once at latecoming C.L called 2 students Dumb and Dumberer.

Which reminds me, once a year Student Council puts up the Suggestion Board. And this year someone wrote "GET RID OF ALL J1s".

Once you become J2 you'll be like brrrrr we weren't like that last year! And we always say to ourselves how they should cram all J1s in a tiny cordoned-off area in the library and let the J2s have all the tables to study. ALEVELS KNOW. Promos are so last year (haha).

It's like how once you attain the highest level in the school you'll feel the kEwlESt. How childish right. But it's human nature! I'm sure once I'm in university (being optimistic here) I'll look back and think JC students are such babies or something.

Played Sims2 just now, I love the penguin that comes to talk to the Snowman you build! You can even pet the penguin so cutesy :D
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