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Friday, October 03, 2008
Today was a fairly bad day. Was up till 2.30am last night doing post-prom ticket designs, which began all because we thought the first design Lifestylebash made looked a bit ZoukOut wannabe:

Mok decided he and I would attempt to make our own designs following his idea of devil-angel silhouettes. He in the end, made erm.. nothing, and in the meantime we told Lifestylebash to change it and here's what they came back with:

OMG does that spell P-O-R-N to you?! The girls are so freaky they look like actresses in a really cheesy porn film!
  • So I was stuck up last night making a new design which I am a lazy to show, it's still in Photoshop format. WORST IS, some misunderstanding might have resulted in the porno one having been okay-ed for printing anyway omg..
  • Hence was extremely tired today, and didn't have time last night to study for my French ALevel Oral Exam. We have to memorise the 3minute speech we prepared because we get penalised for referring to our notes.
  • Got so frustrated and lost during Chemistry because of some stupid organic chemistry question that I began crying silently to myself.
  • Forgot my entry proof for my Oral Exam, rushed home to get it. Reached on the dot, turned out we didn't need it although SAJC explicitly told us to.
  • Fumbled a bit during my speech, and halfway through the teachers realised the tape recorder WASN'T WORKING. They always use cassettes to record the exam, god knows why Cambridge is so old-school. So I had to repeat my whole presentation.
  • I got asked fucking hard questions! I was tested on my thoughts on cloning, animal testing, genetic engineering etc. My French in that area is so limited, like seriously what's French for "cells" or "ethical" or "stem cell therapy"?! Erpz plus the teacher and I got into a semi-argument on labour strikes in France.
I've been craving for IKEA hotdogs yum..... I've so much to do this weekend! MUST-BE-PRODUCTIVE and adhere to my to-do list (non-existent).
I go now now now and study non-stop!

....... Just as soon as I play a bit of Sims2.
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