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Monday, November 03, 2008
GP today was alot harder than expected, in BOTH papers. All essay options were fairly bleughhhh. I spent 8mins mentally examining the merits of each question and eventually settled on "How important are dreams?"

Ugh I didn't have that many points so couldn't use my normal format which usually allows me to have 6 focal arguments?

I said dreams are an (1) innate part of human nature- We are human and therefore we can dream. And because we can dream, we are therefore human. Our ability to dream make us human blah blah blahhhhh.
(2) Dreams let us escape from the harsh realities of life; cocoon ourselves in a mental idyll etc etc etc to cope with tomorrow.

Then I countered with (3) Detractors may question what good dreams are, when at the end of our mental car ride careening to a beautiful location we look out to see ourselves rooted to the same spot. Or something like that and argued about how efforts and luck are more crucial.

Rebutted with (4) Dreams are the beginning point of a journey through effort and luck, and at the end of this journey we see that same dream in sight.. etc a.k.a dreams lead us to put in the requisite efforts and so on.

Fell semi-asleep during Comprehension and hence rushed through my AQ and screwed up my vocab section badly. Vocab this year sucked, usually it's meant to help us get marks! I'm fairly sure I might get zero for my 5 vocab words...

And I'm sure this is all very boring sorry. But I might have just seen my A for GP fly out the window; OMG now that I think through it more clearly I can think of an entire new paragraph to add in sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob REGRET ANXIETY FEAR TREPIDATION ):

P.S. My classmate photocopied my essays before the exam and she says she spat out an entire paragraph from one of my essays for her question. Why do I have no one to steal from!!
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