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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi kittykats done with ALevels woohoo! At Bishan Library yesterday all the students studying there were either Bio or Lit students, what an affinity we all share due to having late papers! 

Watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua (don't laugh) because we decided we needed a no-brainer bimbo movie (and am also strongly against Daniel Craig staring as the new 007 James Bond). Surprisingly it was actually a very sweet show albeit occasionally extremely lame lines- "We are Chihuahuas; we are small but we are mighty!". But that's Walt Disney fulfilling criteria for child audiences I guess.

Sad is that we have our post A-Levels in the midst of an impending recession though. It's like I'd feel bad to ask my mom for a few k to go to Australia or for pocket money especially when my expenses are going to skyrocket. If we go places like Bangkok or HK I'm kind of prepared to fork out my own money. Sob sob if I was a rich girl..........

Okokok I am sitting here in zebra-print leggings; don't know what we're doing later but Zouk tomorrow! Geez Louise haven't been to town in ages I've forgotten how it looks like. Bye bye say hi if you see me.
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