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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
I can't believe I will never have to step into the MOE Language Centre (MOELC) for the rest of my life. 4 never-ending hours spent there each week (when I decide to go, that is). But I've been there 6 years, longer than both my secondary and JC education! So in spite of the MOELC not exactly being my most favourite place... there's still this sense of loss. Of losing something you have been so accustomed to for the past 6 years. 

ALevels mark the end of my formal education. I'm somewhat frightened that the time has come to realise my departure from mainstream education where I'm molly coddled by familiar classrooms and faces. Soon I will no longer don a uniform and will have to make important choices that may decide the rest of my life.

OBAMA PLEASE. Harvard graduate with magna cum laude honours. Plans to end the war in Iraq, tax breaks for the lower and middle income groups, more taxes for the wealthy (whereas McCain wants to give the rich tax breaks), calls to address environmental concerns...

.....And other the other hand there's Sarah Palin. Who went to multiple colleges, spending only about a term/semester at each.

How can anyone vote for McCain when they see Palin beside him?! Snippet from the Straits Times:

"Mrs Sarah Palin told a Canadian comedian posing as French President Nicholas Sarkozy during a prank call that 'maybe in eight years', she will be President."

Oh the horror. And how on earth can she say something like this in the first place? Presumptuous/hopeful much. 

McCain himself is alright I guess, if I believed in Republican ideals that is. But a campaign riddled with controversies, (somehow mostly related to Palin) like a wardrobe budget of US$150000 on Palin when the USA is in an economic crisis, power abuse to fire xxx person and the list goes on. And what kind of President relies on smearing his opponent's campaign to garner votes?
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