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Monday, January 05, 2009
Omg am so tired... I will never be a housewife, cleaning is such a chore.

*ring ring*
Mother: "Hello?"
Sophie: "The vacuum cleaner sucks!!!"
Mother: "EH it's expensive okay it's a good brand!"
Sophie: "But it's a vacuum cleaner! All it does is vacuum!"

If you want to lose weight, ask your parents to make you wash your own dishes. Seriously it is 5.25pm and I refuse to eat because I'm thinking of the pot and cutlery and plate I will have to wash after that.

Meet Charmer the Unicorn! Its birthday is 10th September and it will be 7years old this year.

These Photobooth photos are so old.. I've already sold this brown Topshop top to Diana haha. She is very lame she made me mail it to her friend instead. And my room is so messy that I can no longer find the hairband I'm wearing in the first picture.
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