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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Prom dress emergency because prom is just next Monday but we have bored Marco senseless going into so many shops. Spent $100 and none of it went to a prom dress. Got my feelings cheated at F21; bought a top cause I thought it was $30 and hence quite okay but turned out to be $40 at the cashier but sob too embarrassing to refuse haha.

Have been to the hospital every alternate day for Owen's mom, wawawee I know the way up like the back of my hand. Watched Body of Lies last night, far too draggy and fairly boring. Sheesh and the boys remained stone-faced when Leonardo DiCaprio's fingers got hammered and he was writhing in pain while I'm like gasping and covering my face.

Class chalet tonight, hopefully I can spike their drinks :o Will mean that I haven't seen my mom since Sunday though erm haha.

Oh and I enrolled in SSDC quite a while ago. Basic Theory Test date booked for December! Regretz not signing up earlier ugh. I so swear I must pass everything on the first try! (Hopefully anyway, fingers crossed.) Haha at most I go practice driving in my car park...

Meow meow.
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