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Sunday, December 21, 2008
I apologize for the sallow complexion and unglam pictures but I am sick okeh like sick-sick like cough-cough-runnynose-phlegm-sick.
Haha and erm since I hibernated at home both Friday and Saturday, I didn't bathe till this morning hahahaha.

So after church I met my bosomy friend Sherry (I see perv alert initiated in boys; and hopefully no girls) at Bugis to explore the depths of.. Bugis Street.
Sadly the stuff there isn't THAT cheap but I did wind up with 2 tops ($20+ each) and a dress for $10. 
Sheesh I expected like dirt cheap sob. Bugis Street is so hot and messy, navigating your way through is a nightmare. Most of the shopkeepers seem to be Chinese women and it's really crowded.

Having turned 18 we deemed ourselves old enough to enter the Sex Shope hehehezx but erm okay on the door it said 23 years old and above but whatever anyway the stuff inside was fairly disturbing and largely hilarious.

Soup Spoon for lunch and as usual I didn't even manage to finish half my meal.

Haha just as we stood saying quietly to each other that the clothes in general were really hideous, who but an ahlian should saunter along and proclaim loudly to her friends "The clothes here damn nice!!!"

The bag very cutesy but Sherry says too big haha but whatever I'm the one going university next year (hopefully)!

Big eyes, pursed lips, upward glance.

Hahahaha erm yeah Bugis Street wear/ware.

Sherry looks like a psycho...

Wahlao so unglam. Anyway this is apparently termed a Myspace Shot, whereby the photo is taken from the top so that you can see all the way down to the shoes. Wahwah I didn't know this okay not in the myspace know-how sorryz.

Seriously where are all the cheap clothes now?! Far East used to be good for cheap shopping but it's getting more expensive now haha. I've gone to City Plaza before too but that place is pretty much hopeless it's so far out plus there still isn't much worth buying.

FINALLY watched Twilight the other day, hilarious because our whole row (except sucker-for-romance-Jeannie) kept going "WTF?!" and laughing and getting agitated at all the cheesy lines. And I still refuse to read the books cause I bet I'll feel sad and pine for such a boyfriend, as do a vast majority of all the readers..
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