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Thursday, December 04, 2008
I can safely say yesterday was one of the shittiest days in a long time. Who the fuck cries in the middle of Zouk? Me. Who cries in the cab back? Me. Who sits below her block and cried again? Me.

I don't know how something so simple like you wanting me back turned into this vicious tussle. For me, I gave us a chance but I don't feel like we're going to work out. I'll always care about you and I don't know why you're questioning this now. I know I didn't do much for you while we were together but it was hard to when I was/am still so bitter. I hate to see how you're hurting, but there's nothing I can do now either or I'd be giving you (false) hope. I can't play the heartless bitch to push you away and help you get over it because I don't want to hurt you even more. I think it's a shame if listening to your friends say all those things about me will make you feel better but it's understandable. I'll just always remember that for all the slut/easy/bitch/etc names I've been attributed, I'd never do what you did to me.
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  1. these would make a good lyrics for a sad song...but hey. look at the bright side ^_^ cheers!!