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Bolt + Shisha

Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Movie yesterday then shisha! Met my classmates and we bumped into 2 of the guys we had befriended at our class chalet so they came along too.

Watched Bolt which was semi-lame I AM SO SAD I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THE 3D VERSION. There is one you know, like with the special specs and all, it costs $13 to see that one.


House of Dead was under maintenance but wawawee I battled aliens instead and saved the world from invasion!

Shit also look a bit alike.

And just cause I randomly saw this the other day:

MY MOM DAMN LAME PLEASE what fruit of love  and she got my birthday wrong O.M.G!

It's been 3 weeks since ALevels ended. How can some people get jobs already?! I'll start looking in January haha.
Watched Sex Drive today which was alright, quite funny I guess. Bought those glowing stick thingys from peddlers in Orchard Road woohoo so pretty hopefully they'll last me till Christmas.

Oh and I cleaned off my French manicure today sigh $32 and it barely lasted a week.
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