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Friday, December 05, 2008
Okay blog post about my exceedingly sucky Wednesday and incredibly boring Thursday.

Wednesday was aiming to get to Zouk early for once like by 9pm so we don't have to worry about not getting into Phuture and having to listen to Mambooooooooo music the whole night.
I mean we actually really did reach around 9pm, and in fact like we had friends there at 8+ already but OMG it was just SO PACKED. The queues were endless, I can't imagine what time the people at the front of the queue came at. Gave up on Phuture and got the normal Zouk chop and then headed to Attica for free drinks.

OMG we managed to end up with 25 new glasses plus those we had originally so like 30 glasses for us woohoooo. We couldn't even finish all because by the time we got to some they were so diluted already.


Jeannie and Diana got very high.. Jeannie became incredibly annoying, insisting that we help them take pictures and then saying "NO VERY UGLY DELETE TAKE AGAIN!!!", up to 4 or 5 times! Sheesh camwhoreeeeeeeee.

Haha Jeannie's first time. Hilarious to teach her like "no continue sucking in after you take it out" or "suck loooooonger deeeeeeper!"

Back to Zouk.

Sigh shitty to the max like everyone dispersed and somehow we wound up stuck in Zouk and getting all emo ):
Jeannie went home when it was like only 1+am while Diana and I headed to Members' area.
Went to the smoking corner to talk.
Diana: "You don't even have a cigarette."
Sophie: "I know."
Diana: "I feel kind of sad."
Sophie: "Me too."

Sheesh cried outside Zouk a few months ago, what's to stop me crying in it too wawawee.

Went into Phuture to join the rest of our schoolmates like Gus, Chloe, Amanda Lim, Mok etc etc so that was quite fun I guess..

Town to get our NY gifts from Jeannie and I was earliest so I got to choose which thong I wanted first haha. Sat and rotted at Lido from 7pm all the way till after midnight o.m.g boring to the max......

Discussions on peeking into the future vs. changing the past, in love but very poor vs. separate lives but rich etc etc. Sigh boring not enough to occupy my time and thoughts.

At least I got a little richer since Chloe paid me back the $150 she owes me. Pastamania + nuggets and 3 cups of Coke from McDonalds but no movie zzzzzz.

Oh and my hair is so short now, the longest part used to reach the bottom of my back but now it can barely even reach my elbow saaaaaad.
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