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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Okay just cause we were mildly fascinated to find ourselves on Stomp:
Huda is vair sad cause her face is mostly obstructed.

This is quite cool! There's one more picture but I look veh unglam..

Took my Basic Theory Test this afternoon, passed! It was harder than the mock ones and I was really quite worried the few seconds it took for the computer to process my answers and screen my result (it's done via touchscreen monitors).

Today was a semi-lousy day. I bought a bag (from Zara Kids please..), shoes and shorts so was mildly happy but felt a bit sick. Headed down to Zouk and then everyone else decided to go to HomeClub instead so I cabbed home. The cab took the exact same route as my bus would have, just that it cost like er $8 more.

Came home and sat beneath my block for a while. I don't know why I feel so lonely nowadays, if it's that people are too busy for me or if it's this bubble I created for myself. I don't know why I've so much pent-up frustration such that the floodgates open at the slightest thing. And one of my last avenues for reaching out feels like it just closed on me.
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