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Monday, December 08, 2008
Pictures from Zouk on Friday and Sunday (Ready Set Glo!). Past week's been pretty hardcore, clubbed Mon Wed Fri Sun but it's all the same bunch of people so we're all hardcore haha. I've been hearing of people clubbing 8days straight, welcome to Post ALevels! (plus the mindless rotting/resting days in between)

Got Zouk chop then headed to HomeClub cause free entry free flow. Seriously there was a QUEUE and it was like packed to the max haha all cheaposfreeloaders101 here.

Back to Zouk which was ugh as usual cause Phuture was sold out, finally got signed in like much later sheesh but was quite fun then I guess!

Glad we went! We were originally debating whether to or not cause no matter how good the guest dj Steve Aoki is supposed to be, we're all not really into electro...

Okay wore all black hmm not very colorfulish for RSG (yes Diana is too kewl she makes it into an acronym) but got sequins! Even my shoes have sequins!

Siang Koon got a bottle of Chivas so I got a little erm.. happy from there. But yeah kinda downhill for a while, I can't remember at which point I started crying. I can't even really pinpoint why I was crying, I just know that the tears flowed so freely.

Noticed only today that I received some smses that I totally don't recall, funniest would be the one that said "Yeah I'll come and save you!" haha.

Oh I was introduced to Tammy but haha I think the only intelligent thing I managed to formulate was "Eh I read your blog!" and then after that I got lost thank goodness for technology aka handphones.

Oh yah we drew hearts on our faces! But they look a bit like moles here...


Haha here's to trying to get him to pose for Diana.


Wahlao who's nose is that on the left.

Haha omg unglam and my heart faded awayyyyy (ooh possibly loaded statement)

Hehezx Darrell my Xiaomei!

Okay hooray for friends!
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