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Saturday, January 10, 2009
So we all headed down to see the #1 DJ in the world/Godfather of Trance/etc etc. Omg the Main Arena at which he was spinning was like mad packed! Went over from Phuture just as he started his set at 1am. I'm not a trance fan but even I was quite excited to see him and his music was pretty good! BUT IT WAS SO CROWDED, we headed back to Phuture after an hour.

Haha Kenneth managed to get his cd autographed by Armin! He actually battled the throngs of fellow fans wow while we just stood at the stairs and tried to avoid other people.

HEHEZXZ the Obama shirt Geran bought for me from USA! I actually wore it through Wine Bar and outside Zouk for a while omg nearly died of embarrassment.

With Swing and Jeannie. SWING YOUR TOLERANCE HASN'T IMPROVED SINCE I FIRST KNEW YOU IN 2007 (and the multiple times we were there when you got drunk ahem).

Yes I want to act cute I drew a heart on my face.

Zomg Jude.... Haha if you all may have noticed, he's the same guy who got his undies torn at Marco's hahahaha.


Haha my cousin Jayne was there with her siblings (who are also my cousins duh) like wah family outing hahaha.

Okay last night was quite fun overall, I don't really mind the exorbitant entry price I guess. Haha and I just discovered that the prata shop opposite Zouk that everyone goes to has for tagline: "Prata Paradise". Very happy about this hahaha.

I think I need to get darker. You know when you click like autoenhance in the photo programs on your computer and the contrast+lighting changes? EVERYONE'S FEATURES GET DARKER AND NICER AND MORE DEFINED. While I just turn a more pasty shade of white!! It's like the computer just categorizes me as "empty white background space" hahaha. Sheesh then I've to undo and go edit contrast manually.

Omg OLevel results out on Monday. Obviously this has nothing to do with me, but I remember how 2years ago I was so terrified too, and crying before I had even gotten my results because I was so scared. Am very frightened thinking of my ALevel results ): Am very frightened thinking about how I will have to consider my options and how I could have done better.
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