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CNY Day 1

Monday, January 26, 2009
"Are you Sec 3 or Sec 4 now?" SOB. Do I look 15 years old?!

"Eh that's your uncle's car in front." Few seconds' pause. I answer "HAHA bang it!"

Sadly for all those who seem to assume I don't celebrate Chinese New Year, sorry to disappoint but mine was just like any other Chinese teenager's a.k.a. boring.
There's only my mom's side but she has 6 siblings and then factoring in all her siblings' kids and kids' kids....

I remember when I bought this hairband:
Chloe watches as I try it on. 
Sophie: "Omg I look like Snow White." (like you know, pale with black hair and the red ribbon)
Chloe: "YAH I was going to say that!"
Few minutes later...
Chloe: "Actually now you look like Minnie Mouse."

?! Sheesh and for the rest of the afternoon she kept saying I was looking more and more like Minnie Mouse. I really do not see the resemblance.

House #1 to visit my grandma who's living with my cousin now.

Luckily I had brought my laptop along. My new pastime is playing Scrabble on Facebook!

K going to House #2 which is my oldest aunt's. There, my uncle who is 77 years old... got high on beer. HAHAHAHA.

Very ugly fringe at the end of the day. I know you're just dying to run a comb through it.

Cause my mom wanted a photo too...

Photobooth; that's my NEPHEW. I am an AUNT. And the worst is, he is older than me.

The perennial Chinese New Year celebrations... 

A few years ago I'd twirl my little nieces in circles till they squealed happily and my grandma tells me to stop, silently want to kill a cousin whenever they changed the channel on the tv and endure my little nephews' boring stories of sordidly uninteresting school events (usually involves them doing something supposedly very heroic or clever whereupon you must exclaim "wow so clever!").

Now my grandma is losing her memory, hardly leaving her room and spending the last 2 years saying "very tall" every single time she sees me. My nieces and nephews have their noses glued to PSPs and I'm plugged into my earphones. And aforementioned cousins still think I'm taking OLevels (although this is slightly better than the "got boyfriend not? Must have right.." type of questions).

Visiting Day 2 tomorrow. What to wear...
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