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CNY Day 2

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
So I watched Bolt- AGAIN- at my cousin's house on their projector thingy (seriously, cannot normal tv like everyone else meh...). The saddest is that I was the only one watching it, all the kids were glued to their DS Lites/PSPs as usual.

The dress Addie got me for my birthday, which is a bit short but I guess if she went gauging by her own height (156cm or something?)...

My new zebra flats! Hurt a bit though.

K Day 1 I wore big-ass red ribbon, Day 2 I wear big-ass white flower.

My cousin Jayne and I.

Came home earlier than usual so I was INSANELY BORED. There are only so many Scrabble games you can play in one day without getting sick of it. Actually it's alright, it's just that the other person sometimes takes ages to make their move.

I was so bored over the two days that on Day 1 I decided to make a new blogskin:

And on Day 2 I made a new image for ANOTHER blogskin before going out. Seriously, I have no life.

Went down with Swing to Timbre in the most ridiculous route:
1. I missed the bus Swing was on so she got off and I hailed a cab.
2. My cab missed the stop she was at.
3. Our cab (after u-turns to pick Swing up) missed the stop Jeannie was at.
4. Our cab (after u-turns to pick Jeannie up) brought us to the wrong location.

Seriously $12 cab ride to Timbre, I'm not sure if the pizzas are that worth it...


Haha guess what drink I got? A mocktail- Shirley Temple. It's very nice! So happy with my ahem, non-alcoholic drink whereas their Strawberry Champagne was horrible.

Swing and her stupid Hello Kitty handkerchief.

Swing's and my half pepperoni, half hawaiian (and the stupidest part is that neither Swing nor I eat the pineapples) pizza.

Wine and marguerita pizza.

Sean and Swing.

HAHA introducing the WORST CAR RIDE EVER:
Try squeezing 7 people into a sports car... 5 of us sat in the back please, with Diana on Jeannie and Swing on someone else. Actually I was quite comfortable since no one was sitting on me, except the ceiling is seriously very low.

Sheesh and 2 of them up front very comfy..

At Cuscaden, where the beer is only $10 a jug but I don't really like beer anyway.

The place looks kinda dodgy though... like okay cheap beer but plastic chairs and tables please... Another car ride to Jeannie's place instead but was more manageable this time since Diana and Jeannie squeezed together up front haha and teehee I got to honk the horn multiple times while Sean went out to buy drinks (since he's the only one comfortably seated in the driver's seat..).

I feel like eating pizza again! Haven't counted my angbao money yet but it's probably the same as every year... Some were stingier this year (recession I guess...) but there were a few surprisingly more generous ones so they probably all make up to the same amount.

Zzzz whatever no more "niu" year jokes please!
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