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Fringe Up Day 1

Thursday, January 08, 2009
So last night I was very brave and pinned my fringe up to go to Zouk. Wawawee for once no gross looking fringe after a few hours in Zouk but I hate my forehead so I don't know which is worse.

Didn't drink at all! Not even mixes. Good job to me, just smelling the tequila when getting the shots for Chloe and Jeannie makes me feel sick. My resolve is quite strong hehezxz Chloe is horrible she kept egging me on.

Hahaha Jeannie looks extremely surprised to see shots.

Because the idiot never realised that I had dropped a piece of paper down her top.


I found the baby journal my mom wrote when I was born! You know, those insanely boring recounts of the baby's first steps and etc. Seriously, every day is just penned with nonsense like "Stayed home. Washing machine was delivered today." (what does this even have to do with Baby Sophie...) or "You are now trying to sit up from a crawl position. You succeeded accidentally." My mom sounds so deadpan talking about me, sheesh.

"Born- 25th August 1990 (Horse year- also Singapore's 25th Anniversary)"

OMG SHE GOT MY BIRTHDAY WRONG! How can you get the birth month of your newborn wrong?! Especially when you just delivered her!!!

Haha the 31st July 1990 entry is quite amusing:
"2nd day out of hospital and I caught Grandma feeding you with coffee." My grandma is mad. Who feeds a 6-day old baby coffee?!

And one of my first few words was Coca. This was probably because my mom used to dip my pacifier in Coke... It's somewhat ironic that a bottle of Coke is beside me right now. No wonder I grew up to be such a Coke junkie with not-very-white-teeth.
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