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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
I feel so ughhhhh. Like I don't want to go out but I don't want to be left alone at home with my thoughts either. Solution? Zouk -_- Okay that's not any solution at all but it's free entry anyway and my homiezzz want to go kkk I go.

Oh and another grouse; I MISS STUDENT FARE v. badly ): Sheesh the price of growing up... $0.71 even when it's just one stop. Student fare used to be $0.45 whatever the distance! And because I kept forgetting to tap my card again while getting off the bus, I've been charged $2.40 for nothing a few times.

Very sleepy..... I don't feel like doing anything but I know I'll regret it later at night when I'm lonely and miserable. I hope things start feeling right soon.

I've become so domesticated this past week. SHIT I FORGOT ABOUT THE RICE COOKING. Oh okay it turned out quite well. Next maid duty is on Friday zzzz mopping, vaccuming, dishes, laundry etc etc. Going to get muscles from this seriously.
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