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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Yes I was that bored.

Scraps of paper I hid in Chloe's wallet haha. It's a song by the way... (just in case some think we're so hardcore into sEx teRminOloGy).

Took our SATs at Anderson JC today at the unearthly hour of 7.45am. This meant I had to rouse myself (after much mental kicking) out of bed at 6.10am to shower and eat. And I had gone to bed at 4am. Sob.

The test was INSANELY BORING. 10 sections, one of which was for the Essay, 3 on Math and the remaining on English. Overall it lasted an interminable 3hours 45minutes
I was quite surprised to see a crowd streaming into AJC; I didn't expect there to be so many scholarship hopefuls/desperately seeking to alleviate blow of imminent disappointing ALevel results. Sadly, we're more of the latter.

Anyway for some it was visibly a big deal. Like one girl's mom accompanied her all the way to our classroom and watched anxiously through the window while she settled down, while others were greeted by their whole family at the end of the test. Erm...

Okay nothing very exciting to signal. I tried feeding the school's fishes tiny crumbs of the chips I had brought but they seemed oblivious. I guess even AJC's fish are orthodox.

So sleepy. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Chinese New Year with a family reunion dinner! (Well extended in my case, my immediate family here consists of my mom and I). Time to plan my wardrobe for the days ahead.

P.S. Juicy Couture is in Singapore (Taka)! Not that I really care but I was quite surprised. I'm still wondering if it was an error or if the damn undies are really selling at S$100.
P.P.S. The Haunting of Molly Hartley sucks. Really SUCKS.
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