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midnight mayhem

Friday, January 30, 2009
So on Wednesday I wore my prom-ish outfit which had Diana exclaim "Do you think you're going for prom?" when she saw me. When I think of prom dress money I could have saved...

It's not a dress, I'm actually wearing two tubes! The one on top is corset-ish (damn annoying it's very stiff) and the one under is one of those typical smocked-bottom-flare kinds.
Sheesh since I hang out with Diana I cannot wear shorts anymore she will scold me :(

And seriously I was wearing so many layers. Like everyone who tried tickling me that day (ahem) gave up because the waist part is so protected by the overlapping tubes. Plus I was wearing shorts underneath haha no flashing for me thank chewwwww.

Butter Factory:

Another churchmate haha. stellar photography skills...

Orh? What's that in the middle? Haha.

This is probably why you shouldn't wear scarves in clubs.

Original comeback Diana... Haha this was because she started dancing all alone in one corner so I wanted to capture that.

HAHA. Plus it had just been polished. At the end the screen was covered in handprints and stuff haha.

Swing and Diana napped in the car please.

No I didn't take this!

I DROVE!!!! K for like 10 minutes (and I stalled so many times within that haha). Omg manual is alot harder than auto; I've driven an auto before and it's like. accelerator-move. brake-stop. Not exactly rocket science. But manual's like @^&#%@*# damn clutch. Am rethinking taking manual versus auto...

But no no I shall persevere with manual! Clutch in, start engine, set to Gear 1, half clutch, accelerate, release clutch.

Haha anyone want to sit in my car when I brake???!! HAHA FUNNY LOR. 
Oh anyway along the same vein, does anyone have a private instructor to recommend to me? Operating in YCK area, like around SSDC, it's quite near my place.
And don't say Mr Soh please, everyone recommends him but he teaches at Ubi! I don't want to go that far.

Chloe: "Eh I dreamt of bread the other day."
Jeannie: "Oh Brad Pitt?"
Chloe: "No, a loaf of bread. I was just staring at it."

..... No comment haha. Valentine's in 15 days!
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