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so this is the new year. and I don't feel any different

Thursday, January 01, 2009
My new year was spent with all my fellow no-plans crowd from SAJC. House party at a penthouse behind Scotts Road, sheesh some people have all the luck $_$.

Haha bald dude is Darrell, who keeps complaining about the 5km runs he has to do everyday.

Diana: "Omg when you said you were wearing boring clothes I didn't know you meant this boring".
Sob ): but in reality I was going to wear something even more casual haha.

Cause we were trying to capture the little stars at the corner of our eyes!

Kimberly/Kahlen haha I don't know if she's gotten round to changing her name officially yet.

10pm- Gus: "Dude I feel a little woozy..."
He spent the rest of the night looking stoned.

Shann Long.

And Ipod and speakers on the left. Haha it was quite funny we'd keep shouting "EH DJ D!!!!" when we wanted to change song and DJ D is really er Darrell my xiaomei.

Same churchmate Joshua Mok...

See? Still looking stoned.

God knows who brought spray foam. And my hair is looking exceedingly bad here.

Gus is still looking stoned plus he's all wet cause we decided it'd be fun to pour water on him.

SAJC (+/- a few)!
Haha quite amusing the girl taking the photo for us was like "Okay SAJC photo! RJC in the back get out".

HAHA he calls himself Jon Savage on facebook...

Debated where to go after cause no one wanted to pay $35++ entry anywhere when it was already past 2am. Headed down to Winebar at Zouk which was pretty packed but I got to eat my hotdog yummmmmm.

SUPPER and then back to Jesse's cRib to watch the X-Files Movie which kinda sucked really. There was so little plot development, a highly unsatisfying ending and Scully (the girl) was just plain annoying. And where was the supernatural/paranormal element?! Haha but the gore was there (think cutting off and rejoining body parts), actually only Joshua Mok and I were watching and we kept covering our eyes and squirming. Boys not very brave ah.

1. Be a more mature young adult hehezxz. This more or less covers all areas i.e. be conscientious in my schoolwork (assuming I get into uni...), try to keep my room neater, save money etc etc.

MY MOM IS CUTTING OFF MY ALLOWANCE. Zzz she already cut it by half for holidays cause she says it's not school but now she's gonna cut it totally. Okay I was spending my allowance in like max 2/3 days but still! Maybe it's time to join Nuffnang and hope it can salvage my ass! Ah yes and erm possibly get a job hahaha.
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