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Friday, January 16, 2009
So Wednesday night was spent at Zouk again. Overall we probably spent more time at the prata shop (Prata Paradise!!) opposite Zouk though...

Headed to Attica first for the usual free drinks and I warned them that we were to keep the number of photos within one Facebook album aka 60 photos. Didn't post all of them up here, it's just the same faces, same people, same poses etc zzzzz.

No pictures from Zouk after that cause it's always the same thing, i.e. Marco repeatedly says "They play the same shit here every week" and I buy hotdogs from the sausage stand. So nothing new there.
And Phuture really does play the same thing in the exact same sequence, Marco can tell you what's the next song that's going to be played haha. He thinks the dj just records the whole thing on one playlist and lets it run while occasionally pretending to press some buttons...

Kkkz to recap, it's (L-R) Chloe, Diana, Fairuz, Huda, Jeannie and I.

To show Jeannie's new highlights in her hair.

Pink champagne.

Diana has damn alot of act-cute photos with the hand-to-the-cheek pose sheesh!!!!

Cause I was sitting opposite the fan.

Was trying to do emo shots for Jeannie but she kept laughing.

I am getting very good at NOT drinking. Have not touched a tequila shot since Christmas good job to me.


With Eunice Chye.

Okay here's all the Stomp photos, Huda I found one more of you from Armin's night, you can add it to your collection hehezxz.

Today was maid duty again. Okay think I'm getting faster at it but it's still such drudgery. Thought I would finally be freed from these boring confines but the maid is still stuck in China, she won't be back till earliest end next week sob.

What did I do yesterday... Oh yes we agreed to meet at 2pm to visit Jeannie working at Frolick (she's damn fatass she helped herself to 10 cups of yoghurt while working) but I finally left the house only at 5pm. Headed to Vivo instead ugh I hate Vivo it's far too sprawling and plus I take like 45mins to get there/home.

Ate at Long John's where I protected my fries from the minions (Addie+Chloe) by taking my entire tray along with me when I went back to the counter to get more Ketchup- "I can't believe you did that!!! We really weren't gonna steal anymore fries". Sheesh think I can't see through you hmph.
Headed to Serangoon Gardens for the first time in my life yesterday haha quite fascinated by the place. Hardly see any roundabouts in Singapore although in France they're a dime-a-dozen. Feel like eating yoghurt now sheesh why isn't Jeannie working today.

Bye bye it's 7.37pm and I'm still in pjs! (Which is my St Marg's pe t-shirt with a DIY slashed back cause I was experimenting)
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