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Sunday, February 15, 2009
So all the singles got together for a night outing to Sentosa. What was originally meant to be an evening picnic wound up seeing us eating at the Koufu on Palawan beach and buying everything we needed from 7-11. Only I thought of bringing mats... And candles! Woohoo.

Sentosa was pretty crowded. There was a couple near us, which consisted of an old dude and a much younger woman... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? (also take into consideration how married couples never do such romantinc stuff already) Haha we kind of spoilt their near-kiss moment with a random burst of song from Jude.

We found this on the beach!

I bought roses for all the girls awwwwww (I bought one for myself too hahaha) and Brandon got heart-shaped balloons but they all turned out circular, while Seonghoon+Edmund bought us roses too.


Valentine's Day outing adjourned to Old Changi Hospital. Nothing much there, other than alot graffiti on the walls. We bumped into fellow thrill-seekers who seemed to be regulars because they had flashlights and said they were going there to "play hide and seek". Haha we made friends and became this huge group so it wasn't really scary...

Thought the police came (quite a few No Trespassing signs and cameras/alarms around) and we nearly throttled Swing who kept going "but I'm underage" and "what if they call my mom?!" till we were all shouting at her to shut up (turns out she did only cause Brandon clamped his hand over her mouth hahahaha) but anyway it came up to be ANOTHER group of thrill-seekers.

Followed our new-found friends to a Muslim cemetery in Bedok! Haha for that, we had to separate into batches because the tombs were placed kind of haphazardly and the path really narrow. There we AGAIN bumped into other fellow adventurers; seriously people are running out of things to do in Singapore.

Supper, and the most un-FriendshipDay-ish comments hurled across the table... Oh and I've a sty sob sob sob my left bottom eyelid is kind of swollen. I already plucked out the offending eyelash, hope it gets better soon! Peace outz.

P.S. Third driving lesson on Friday, and my Practical Test booked for 27th May already! Wawawee!!! 3months to finish all my lessons and become a capable manual driver.
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