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Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Depressed and lazy to get/upload pictures. So I'm posting up a blog post I wrote mid-December but that had somehow stayed in drafts. Till another time, tata.

Like most girls, I read quite a few fashion blogs. These blogs are helmed by girls lauded for their great fashion sense and style blah blah blah.

I don't dispute that they have really nice outfits and pictures (if otherwise, why would I be reading their blogs?). But what I noticed is that they wear HIGH-END LUXURY ITEMS HEAD TO TOE.

Seriously, their jeans, their shoes, their bags (practically a must), their rings... down (or up) to the hairbands they are wearing?
In one girl's blog, I counted 5 Balenciaga bags in different colours (from one blog post alone that was 1 of 3 compilations she did on her outfits. She could possibly have another 10 Balenciagas. I wouldn't know). This is already ignoring her countless other Chanels, Louis Vuittons, Pradas etc etc.

Pictures credit to: The Blonde Salad.
I think she's really pretty and slim! Like omg great figure :(

I mean honestly, how hard is it to be trendy (trend-y: [adj] very fashionable or up to date in style) if you can literally afford off-the-runway items? When the trend clamored is studs, you go right out and buy yourself a pair of studded Prada booties, or the Burberry Knight bag or whatever.

From: Behind The Seams

Ignoring high-end items. Even having the money to buy so many items is already... Take ordinary folk like us. Even if all we can afford are xxx-inspired items, we can only buy maybe 2 or 3 of such items. For the studs scenario, you go to Far East Plaza/online/wherever, buy yourself one pair of studded shoes and one studded blazer. BAM! Money gone.

Sure you have to be able to match it nicely together. But when you look at a photo you go like "I love those heels!" or "that's such a nice dress", and not "wow what colour coordination". Right? So yeah, in the end aren't we looking more at the ITEMS (which are insanely expensive, or average-ly priced but in inordinate amounts)?

Pointless rant. Anyway, it just led me to wonder whether we really admire their style, or... just their ability (and means) to buy really pretty things?

P.S. I just saw a 6th Balenciaga on her blog, a red one. (And I only just started reading her blog about one or two weeks ago)
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