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Thursday, February 12, 2009
Sophie: Chouk (Zouk) tonight?
Brandon: Cannot. I just rebond my hair. Look like cock now. Cannot style or wash till Friday.


Zouk last night. 
Sherry drank one Jagerbomb and then started getting all giggly and said "Sophie touch my face it's warm!" and we're like OMG YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING THE DRINK IS DAMN MILD. 
Moderate drinking on my part well executed; 1/3 of a Graveyard, 1 Jagerbomb and 1/2 a Flaming. Which is not what I can say for some of my counterparts whom I had to send home.. I shall not say who but her name starts with J and ends with eannie.

Look at the two of them, both red from happy liquids.

Zzz after we sent Jeannie home and came back.

Cause I took his hat and thus exposed hat-hair. Haha like you know, how the hair gets all flattened down with the shape of the hat rim...

BAH KUT TEH after where I got called cheapo so many times for only wanting rice and soup... Burnt my hair for kicks, and then others wanted to burn my hair too because they say they've never met any guy/girl willing to burn their own hair.

Mildly amusing to see my hair ends lit up for those ephemeral seconds.

Ice-spitting battle, and then Jude put ice down his underwear. Dared him to eat the remaining ice bits left in his undies, and he did.
Welcome to my life! Finesse and sophistication right here baby.

Watched Valkyrie today, wasn't too bad although we kept laughing at Hitler's moustache. I found a $10 Topshop voucher a few steps after coming out of said Topshop, so we headed right back in. Attempted to teach Chloe how to braid her hair, and used the Cine toilet in pitch-black darkness after lights off. Exciting day huh!

P.S. Yeah I always change the time of the post. It is in fact Friday 4.54am right now, but whatever.
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