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Hong Kong Day 6 and purchases!

Monday, March 09, 2009
Gracia and I share the sofa bed and she keeps asking me random questions in the still of the night.
Sophie: "You just interrupted my praying. I had to say 'Dear God, please excuse me for a minute' to reply you".
Gracia: "Let me pray now too. See whose prayer gets more attention".

Wtf hahahahaha I totally burst out laughing at that. But anyway I really do tell God very random things like "brb I go switch off the light".

Last day in Hong Kong was spent shopping at the same places we did on the first day woohoo. I wound up so seriously indebted to Gracia and Peiling sob sob sob. Peiling bought so much stuff we had to come all the way back to the apartment to drop it off before heading back out to shop again.

Bags and bags and bags of purchases.

Tsim Sha Tsui Station

We went to their Avenue Of Stars which is kind of like a Hong Kong version of the Hollywood one with the whole cement hand-prints and stuff.

Hong Kong skyline

My umbrella! So keWlz right!!!!
I walked through the entire MTR station with my umbrella open hehezxz. Reminds me of the time Peiling and I ran through the entire station playing Catch or something.

OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION BUT... In Hong Kong you have to pay for extra McNuggets sauce! CHEAPO $_$


Oh anyway H&M (which is coming to Singapore soon) in Hong Kong was like very big but I didn't find much to buy there except the sheer beige chiffon top in the bottom row. And I'm not even really sure how I'll wear it haha.

Shoes I bought were so random. I bought 3 pairs of heels although I never wear heels because I have short friends. And I already have booties which cost me $80 and which I hardly wear, but these grey ones cost only $9...

The gold pair is the most redundant because.. it is one size too small HAHAHA. But it was only $3!
Bought white loafers to replace mine which are dying, although you can buy them at AMK Hub for like $10.

Didn't buy many bags, kind of have a lot already and I seem to always use the same few so what for.

Miscellaneous! Quite a lot of stuff from DFS like the Vodka and Ferragamo perfume. Coach isn't cheaper in Hong Kong but the shops here seemed to have stopped carrying this design.
The bear/pig/mouse thingys on the left are toothbrush holders so cutesy right!

Disney cherry keychain, and a Disney bracelet haha so childish.

Disney Chip and Dale notebook!

Rings, earrings and bracelets. Haha another Disney ring which can only fit unto my pinkie oh well.

Looking at what I bought, it doesn't seem like a lot right? I don't know how I managed to spend $900. There's some other random stuff I didn't take pictures of, like the 3 shorts, 3 leggings and 3 tubes of concealer (dark eye circles sob sob) and other random stuff but still...

No time to talk, no time to chat! Played Left 4 Dead yesterday for the first time, or rather I watched Chloe play it (she's damn coward, always hiding behind the rest). Zombiez kewlness. Hope I get to watch a movie today.
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