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Sunday, March 29, 2009
Hi this is Rudy's and my little baby:

It stayed still the whole time just watching Rudy play PSP haha.

HAHAHAHA hamster damn loser with ugly center parting hahahaha.

Sorry for low quality pictures, she doesn't stay still long enough to capture a good shot. As for the name, I suggested Pixie, Vampire and Marley. I think she looks like a miniature bear. She's still a little frightened of humans right now but she's getting better. 
She is my 6th hamster so don't worry I am like hamster cognoscenti I love my hamsters very much!

Went to work myself the other day (no joke okay, from Marymount to Boon Lay). I hate taking bus in the morning because it's so cold and depressing. All you see on buses are emotionless faces lined up two by two, eyes closed to block out their problems to try and catch a few moments of rest. They plug in to unfeeling slabs of metal and plastic, and beyond the fogged-up windows, the world passes them by.

Driving lesson in two hours!
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