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Hong Kong Day 1

Sunday, March 01, 2009
Sophie: "Well I guess you two aren't allowed to go to the toilet, since I'm the one in the aisle seat."

"If we were on SIA we could..."
"If we were on SIA I wouldn't even be talking to you".

Speed speed; 15 minutes for DFS shopping, bye bye $100. No time to buy a book so we spent the entire 3+hours of the Jetstar flight lamenting the lack of on-flight entertainment. And I also kept mentioning at every slight shudder that the plane was going to crash...

You even have to pay for refreshments, a bottle of water costs $3!

We're currently staying in Kowloon with Peiling's uncle and the place is pretty convenient cause it's near the train station (called the MTR here) and alot of eateries. We're spending a lot of money daily and eating insane amounts of food.

Pictures from the night we arrived:

Peiling and Gracia

Random dolls Gracia bought, which are sold like everywhere.

Anyway the shopping at markets really is pretty cheap! But food here costs the same if not more. I've been getting up early every day (like before 10am kind of early...) because Gracia wakes up at like 8+am on auto pilot zzz.

No time to talk, no time to chat. Disneyland tomorrow woohoo.
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