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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Hiiiiiiii I got accepted into NUS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) already! Alright, time to do the requisite i.e. BUY NEW STATIONERY and plan University-Worthy Outfits!

A bout of narcissism on my way to my driving lesson, just because I can. 12th lesson! Not once have I taken a bus there. Cab. $_$

Watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the evening, both Rudy and I thought it was pretty good but everyone else didn't like it. But for some the judgement wouldn't be impartial i.e. Jeannie, because it is not a love story. Doesn't matter! Daniel Henney is in it!!! Omg so egg-cited when I saw his name scroll out at the beginning of the film.

Spontaneous adjournment to Zouk:

OoOOo so kewL I'm blogging this at Wheelock Place Starbucks. Technology is lovely. Now if only the electric socket worked, I could charge my Mac here too.

all you need is love

Monday, April 27, 2009
Jeannie's birthday celebration on Saturday night. We abandoned the poolside because there's no air-con there (oooh learning something new every day) and adjourned to her living room where we wound up watching Seed of Chucky and Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

Sheesh don't know what happened to L4D themed party. The end of the night saw more playing of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook... Which I finally decided to try today to see what the hype was all about. Zzz.

Went Qing Ming on Sunday to pay respects to my Chinese grandfather. Omg sweltering heat. But apparently you can't do it in the afternoon instead cause that's when Hell's gates open and the bad spirits may steal the burnt offerings and food.

Sorry the super-imposing of the 2 photos is a bit slipshod. Lazy.

I just realised that I took a photo of the wrong erm "unit". My grandfather is one "floor" up.

Pouring wine.

World's Best Daughter; helping my mom carry her bag.


Look, cigarette for him to smoke.

Went to a thrift store today, which I hadn't visited in a year. Didn't find much to buy this time (top, book and mini hamster/fish tank) but at least the prices are still reasonable.
Salvation Army's prices have supposedly increased tremendously. Addie went recently and she said one top was like $30 whereas previously we got stuff for $2-$8. SHEESH COMMERCIALISATION. But guess it's good since it's all for charity anyway. Oh well.

And o.m.g eggcited my room makeover is really happening! Contractor dropped off the floor plan+rough sketch+quotation today. Woohoo just chose new wall and cabinet colours. I was gonna go for something safe like wood, but my mom said go colourful. One hint: GLOSSY.

P.S. Oh yes forgot to mention I got an acceptance letter from SMU already (School of Social Sciences). Well that's a relief I guess, I'll just wait now to see if NUS accepts me!

Happy Birthday Marley!

Saturday, April 25, 2009
It's Marley's birthday today! (And mine in 3 months. Woohoo.)

My chipped French manicure.
And only after taking this photo did I notice the small cut on Marley's nose! Poor baby.

We took so long to leave my house cause he was deciding which of my ear studs to wear. Gay.


Red toenails! And my stupid F21 toe ring. They don't stay on that easily you know. Plus I bought a set of 5.


Haha Brandon's hard bargained $30 guitar.

Random angmoh dude came in, drawn by Jude's voice. Haha he requested Jude play Robbie William's Angels, and joined in with his incredibly loud booming voice. But overall it was quite nice.
He was very interested to know if Jude had a band and etc and reassuring him saying "I'm not gay". Good job.

Pile of clothes I amassed for donating from going through my closet. I found stuff I didn't even know existed.

Vair glam.

Discussions on booking a villa in Bintan while having supper at 4am (the tehping gave me a stomachache).
Chloe: "Think they'll have L4D?"

Feel like shooting some zombies now.

elle me regarde

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Met Valentina on Monday, haven't seen my little (very literally) St Margs junior for ages!
On schedule was shopping woohoo, haven't had time to since I got together with Rudy. Don't know about others, but I don't really like going shopping with boys/boyfriend cause I'd feel self-conscious. Like maybe secretly they think xxx clothing is damn ugly but don't say anything...

Minnie Mouse ring on my pinkie from Disneyland!
And Mango Green Tea With Jelly.

Pictures here onwards are from Valentina's camera. It's a newer version of mine (Sony Cyber-Shot) but hers all turned orange-y and blur!

$5 sunglasses

That's a lip piercing she has. Not dirt.

I look so forlorn haha.

The mini auntie brings out her own personal set of chopsticks.

Apple Crumble! It's nice!

Rudy's Skullcandy

The shoes we both bought. The stupid zipper spoilt the very next day! >:( Sheesh.

Hi you have Marley & Me.

Woohoo the contractor came yesterday, possibly pending a room makeover! I'm looking at cramming a queen-sized bed into my room. And an L-shaped table! I've always wanted one, but my mom surprised me with a purple, peanut-shaped, pink-legged table one day haha. Like seriously the edges are rounded, and if you put anything on the opposite side against the wall, it just drops hahahaha.

And I really like playing Tetris on my phone. Am getting better!

Because I have nothing better to do, these are the ringtones that have accompanied any phone calls on my current phone (bought in November):

Cute Is What We Aim For- Curse Of Curves
Yelle- Je Veux Te Voir
Stars- The Vanishing
Stars- Take Me To The Riot
Modest Mouse- Bury Me With It (current)

The Boyfriend wants to learn to dance like this. Especially the hip akShion at 0:36. Haha quite cool lah.

Mother to Rudy: "You really are very skinny ah".
Haha sad life. Can wear my jeans. (Seriously). Sob.