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Sunday, April 19, 2009
Caught CATS The Musical at The Esplanade on Friday evening because Rudy's dad got free tickets like 2 days AFTER he had already watched it, so that means the progeny and his girlfriend (that's me!) get them.

Program seemingly priced at a ridiculous $20 each, but we got 2 free programs with the free tickets anyway.

The musical was pretty good, the entire production involves quite a lot of interaction with the audience; from the stage decor extending to the seats to the dancers coming to prance among the aisles. During the interval the "cats" came out to the seats so people began to take pictures- was seriously so tempted to pet them.

Coke+Mars Bar= $7!
Sheesh like x00% profit for Esplanade.

No more pictures because we started arguing after that, nothing new there either.

I have not had a driving lesson in 2 weeks. My mom asked me to drive to Rudy's the other day, and I didn't know the differences between auto and manual (like the fact that taking your foot off the accelerator- known as engine braking in manual cars- DOES NOT make the car slow down in auto form) so I nearly crashed into the curb as I came out of the parking lot.
Not funny. I mean I did start laughing, but before that my mom was screaming "BRAKE! BRAKE!" at me.

Which reminds me, I nearly fell down the stairs at The Esplanade HAHAHA. I was too busy staring at a woman in a ludicrously short, shiny silver (gaudy) romper. She was neither young, nor lithe. But then again, I'm the idiot in a flouncy black dress and high heels who stumbled and just about regained her footing, so I'm not much better.

That will be all. Bye!
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