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Thursday, April 02, 2009
Sophie: "What do you call a goldfish that has gone bankrupt?"
Sophie: "A fish! No more gold!"
Jude & Brandon: "Damn lame."
5 minutes later.
Jeannie: "OH! HAHA that's funny."

Dudes setting up Rudy's new sound system. 4 guitars, drum set, xbox, tv and sound system. Queen-sized bed coming in next week. So spoilt sheesh.

Calvin & Hobbes!

Butter Factory -> Zouk -> L4D

Headed down to the new Butter at One Fullerton, which is pretty much like the old one just bigger... Missed free flow which ends at 1am (spent too much time debating whether or not to queue) and it was kind of hot so the boys forfeited their $28 entry thank goodness it's Ladies Night.

Went to Holiday Inn opposite Zouk where everyone buys bottles from the convenience shop there, if you don't finish it that night you can leave the bottle with the auntie haha. Finished Jude's leftover Chivas.

Down to Wine Bar at Zouk where Jude and Brandon got some gross cocktail ewz and I got my usual sausage woot woot.

Jude: "Your momma's so old that when she was born Burger King was still a prince."
"Your momma's so old that her handphone number was 1."



Sheesh dancefloor with bags is not kewlz it is so cumbersome; I blame Jeannie she refused to deposit her bag.

4am- SPEEDY RAN OUT, unknowingly snatched cab from some angmohs; Jude shouted "Sorry, she's half French!" but anyway there are so many cabs.
Passed an angmoh dude kissing a girl (he was quite hot) "Hurry wind down the cab window and shout ZAC EFRONNNNNN!!!"

Reached Park Lane for 24hr LAN gaming. Pounded on the glass doors because we couldn't open it and the security guard ignored us. Crossed over to Prinsep Place which had just closed, and looked back to see people coming out of Park Lane. "Don't tell me all we had to do was Pull instead of Push the door".

LEFT 4 DEAD till I puked, and cab midnight surcharge ended. Every time I close my eyes I see zombies coming at me. BANG BANG BANG.

Came home and hung up the laundry to dry. Efficiency personified!
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