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Happy Birthday Marley!

Saturday, April 25, 2009
It's Marley's birthday today! (And mine in 3 months. Woohoo.)

My chipped French manicure.
And only after taking this photo did I notice the small cut on Marley's nose! Poor baby.

We took so long to leave my house cause he was deciding which of my ear studs to wear. Gay.


Red toenails! And my stupid F21 toe ring. They don't stay on that easily you know. Plus I bought a set of 5.


Haha Brandon's hard bargained $30 guitar.

Random angmoh dude came in, drawn by Jude's voice. Haha he requested Jude play Robbie William's Angels, and joined in with his incredibly loud booming voice. But overall it was quite nice.
He was very interested to know if Jude had a band and etc and reassuring him saying "I'm not gay". Good job.

Pile of clothes I amassed for donating from going through my closet. I found stuff I didn't even know existed.

Vair glam.

Discussions on booking a villa in Bintan while having supper at 4am (the tehping gave me a stomachache).
Chloe: "Think they'll have L4D?"

Feel like shooting some zombies now.
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