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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Hiiiiiiii I got accepted into NUS (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) already! Alright, time to do the requisite i.e. BUY NEW STATIONERY and plan University-Worthy Outfits!

A bout of narcissism on my way to my driving lesson, just because I can. 12th lesson! Not once have I taken a bus there. Cab. $_$

Watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the evening, both Rudy and I thought it was pretty good but everyone else didn't like it. But for some the judgement wouldn't be impartial i.e. Jeannie, because it is not a love story. Doesn't matter! Daniel Henney is in it!!! Omg so egg-cited when I saw his name scroll out at the beginning of the film.

Spontaneous adjournment to Zouk:

OoOOo so kewL I'm blogging this at Wheelock Place Starbucks. Technology is lovely. Now if only the electric socket worked, I could charge my Mac here too.
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