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Monday, May 11, 2009
Hi kitkats my laptop is burning a hole into my thigh and Rudy is playing WoW. 3 nights sleepover so far and we haven't broken up yet.
Visited my room today (Day 1 of Renovations) and sheesh all they've done is take out my furniture and do some random re-wiring here and there.

I AM CURRENTLY LIVING ON A SINGLE BAG LOR not funny but also not very true, I keep bringing little bits and pieces to Rudy's haha so far I've 3 pairs of shoes and even a bath robe for if we go swimming!

Colour scheme: Dark purple, light purple and fuschia. I was young okay.

Did another PandasWithPistols photo thingy today, discovered ants in my bag (the same one I am living from)! Sob. Will edit/update with picturez soon byebye. Boyfriend ORDs tomorrow!
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