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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Chloe: I jumped out from a moving car. I hit my nose and the car hit my ass and I was hanging from the door my armpits hurt.
Sophie: HUH. Why?!
Chloe: Cos Jude and Alvin thought it would be funny.

11pm with people nothing better to do than go all the way to Changi to hang out. (Minus one aching Chloe). Alvin let me drive all the way! Woohoo driving at night is a lot nicer, I can straddle lanes all I want.

SAFRA chalet:
Jude, Alvin, Jeannie.

Diana cabbed down ($30 hahaha) after her movie with the Zouk staff. Haha seriously what's with the Frolick and Zouk staff outings. I need to get me some Hard Rock Cafe outings too.

That's hair across my face, not a really weird jawline. And that's also me sliding across the floor on a sofa cushion.

Diana has become an alcoholic since joining Zouk as a door bitch! She made the 4 of us finish the Vodka bottle (mine- "Sheesh Jeannie what have you contributed tonight?" "My presence". Quite a joke since she died on the couch) and had the boys pleading for less drinks. Good me didn't drink as much! Boyflen will scold.

Anyway thank goodness for McDonalds that delivers all the way to the end of the earth aka Changi.

You know those electronic panels at town bus stops that tell you how long you've to wait for your bus? WELL THEY ARE BULLSHIT. (But okay lah actually all along they have been very accurate for my buses.)
What's with the "Arriving" that suddenly switches to a morbid 15minutes?! And it happened THRICE. Transport conspiracies coalescing to render a journey from Rudy's to mine a terrifying 1 hour 45 minutes. Sob.

Oh I've finally ordered a bed! Bye bye you Luddite mattresses. Hello pocketed springs and PVC headboards (walnut colour).

How do you annoy Lady GaGa?
Poke Her Face (Poker Face)!


With a little Googling...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Zoom in:

Hahaha Rudy circa 2006 in Cleo Bachelors. He says he like didn't even get anything although he won 3rd. How much of a Bachelor can you be at 18 years old anyway ah.

Work again tomorrow at Hard Rock, woohoo should be collecting my paycheck. Need to work long enough so that it's looks semi-substantial! I mean saying like "Yeah sure I've prior F&B experience, I umm worked 2 weeks" doesn't sound very convincing. 15th day of work tomorrow. Generally I've been working Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, all evening shifts. Going to play Sims3 now muack muack.

Pigeon Patrol (Petrol)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Went back to SAJC yesterday to collect our A-Level certificates. Kind of weird to walk down those walkways again. Following standard protocol I exchanged my driving license (IC needed to collect my cert) for a visitor's pass, and very cleverly forgot about it on my way out.

Heading towards my unsuspecting victims.

Played mahjong again for the second night in a row. Won an 8-tai game (and zimo-ed)! Sob but sadly that day we happened to play limit at 5-tai sob sob. Been playing too much mahjong, I even dreamt of it last night. Tai-tai in training!

Had work at Hard Rock Cafe today, you know how many people nowadays like to take pictures of/with their food (sometimes using a camera phone with like, 2 megapixels, that then turn out super fuzzy, and the requisite TwIsT poses)?
One table even took photos of the TEA CUPS I served. Like seriously, it's just a plain white mug with a blue rim.

At another table the couple ordered food for themselves and their 4 kids, but nothing for the maid. Like all she got was to share the Jumbo Combo which is a starter with an array of food like spring rolls and potato skins. Sheesh.

Jeannie took Photoshop from my Mac (oh the marvels of Bluetooth) and now MINE DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. I just checked for the official retail price and nearly died- US$700.

Bye bye bye.


Sunday, June 21, 2009
Some photos I did pretty long ago, if you can tell from the fact that back then I didn't have bangs yet.

And these are from randomly looking through my Photobooth. No one can resist the Photobooth on Macs..


I'm the cute little blur on the left!

The other time the Chicken Rice Aunty thought we were siblings... Asked Justin if we look alike- "Yah the eyebags." Sob.

Really really old.. Before my room makeover! Which I've yet to take pictures of, primarily because I still DO NOT HAVE A BED.

Swing, Brandon and Jeannie awwz.

Other news in my exciting life erm... I just joined an F21 spree, wow 2 days' pay gone!

Just now at Hard Rock Cafe I happened to be serving a Chicken Fajita, pronounced fah-hee-ta, to a young teenage boy, who asked "Is that the Chicken Fajita?". Nothing wrong with that you say, except that he pronounced it fah-jye-ta. Now say that softly and quickly and you realise the fah kind of sounds like vah and so on; I leave you to grasp the big picture (vah-jye...).
So I was just momentarily stunned and thought he was making a really lame sexual joke (an attempt to impress the gaggle of girls at his table), then I realised it was just weird pronunciation. Whatever.

Can't believe I've only worked 12 days at Hard Rock so far... I mean it's been 4 weeks since I started, but I can only be bothered to work the bare minimum of 3 days a week so that's 12 days. Can't believe I haven't even reached the 2 weeks' mark. Tata!

P.S. OMG THEY PLAY Jason Mraz- I'm Yours EVERY DAY AT HARD ROCK. In one night you'll get to hear it at least 3 times.
Once by the DJ, once by the band playing that night, and once more because someone is BOUND to request it. Soooooo sick of it. And a multitude of other songs like Coldplay's Viva la Vida that repeated playing has totally killed. Back to topic, re-tata!


Thursday, June 18, 2009
Driving all hunched over and stuck to the wheel for fun.
Oh I forgot to mention that I received my official driving license the other day! Retarded photo cause id photobooths make you look like crap and I took it just before heading for my driving test but who cares, I am officially a certified driver!


Jeannie, Sarah and I.

Hahahaha Bryan says that's what Sarah becomes once she gets high.

He says that's one of my standard poses.......

Advertisement for Zouk.

Kenneth, Alvin, Chloe and Jeannie.

Cause I know how whenever girls are wearing something with an interesting back, they all secretly wish someone would take a photo of the back. Well I do, anyway. (Plus generally interesting-back tops tend to have boring fronts.)

Sophie: My top damn decent today. Cannot even see my collarbones.
Chloe: Not slutty slutty ah.
Sophie: That's you.

Mega clumsy tonight. I like, literally walked into a pole. Was walking with my head down reading messages when Chloe and Rudy started shouting so my head shot up and I recoiled, just in time to slam my entire chest area into the pole hahaha.
Guess without the warning+recoiling, it'd have been my head first.

Omg and after that I tripped over the curb (was walking backwards, not very smart I know) and would have fallen flat on my face if I didn't reach out and grab Kenneth's bag. Hilarious.

Still at See How stage now wrt HRC (haha acronyms all the way), just leaning more to the quit side. Like 40% want to work, 60% want to quit. (Always view things in terms of percentages kids!)

P.S. Like, totally, like efficiency, like, personified. Got home from Zouk 1+ hour ago and photos uploaded already. Henceforth why I should always be the one with the Official Camera Of The Night (OC for short).
P.P.S. IF YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR HEELS, CAN YOU NOT DRINK? Or if you are going to drink, can you not wear heels? I keep getting my poor feet stabbed by drunk girls in stilettos!

Bye bye.