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Thursday, June 04, 2009

That's what's gonna be occupying me for the new few days, weeks, months, years! (By that I am referring to my spanking new Sims3 cd, not dubious activities with Marley The Hamster.) Just to keep me busy till Sims4 comes out.

Anyway the other day I was standing with Gracia and Peiling (HK budz) in a queue behind this girl that reminded us of Diana- like really girly and wearing something high-waisted. So we started talking about high-waist skirts and shorts and I said "Actually high-waist shorts aren't that nice ah." (Rudy says I'm too fat to wear any sob.)
Haha and you could seriously imagine the girl in front of us bristling with indignation (she was evidently enough, wearing high-waisted shorts). She walked off before she got to hear us say that Most people didn't look nice in those shorts, but she did, cause she was really slim.

So the thing is that the God of High-Waisted Shorts must have something against me (aside from not letting me be really slim to wear them and not dropping some from the sky for me), because I bumped into her again 3 times. Like seriously, what are the odds?! Seeing her again once would be really unlucky, but 3 more times?!
And every time she glared at me and pointed me out to her friends... Probably murmuring some generic insult like Huh Does She Think She Dresses Very Well or She Thinks She's So Hot or She Thinks She's All That or She Couldn't Even Wear High-Waisted Shorts To Save Her Life (a line probably specially delivered by the aforementioned God of High-Waisted Shorts) etc etc you know.

Hahahaha I sound so juvenile.
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