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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mostly been doing runner, which means I just deliver plates to tables. Burnt my fingertips, poor you! Not strong enough sob. Some other tasks include topping up Ketchup/Chili bottles and Salt/Pepper as well. This involves attempting to pour Ketchup from multiple half-full bottles into another half-full one to make one full bottle, and sneezing as I wipe the pepper caps.
Most mundane task ever.
Not going to deliberate on whether it is necessary or not, it's just so mundane that while you're doing it the only thing you can think of is how mundane it is. It's like someone tasked to go room to room in a hotel and do the stupid folding of the ends of toilet paper- so that it forms a sharp point just before you wrench it apart to wipe your ass.

That aside, I've watched Aliens vs Monsters 3D and played Sims3, like, twice. Movie was stupid. Sims3 is not bad, there are a lot more options and events than previously, but I thought the characters looked better in Sims2.

Going to play Sims3 now!
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