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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Went back to SAJC yesterday to collect our A-Level certificates. Kind of weird to walk down those walkways again. Following standard protocol I exchanged my driving license (IC needed to collect my cert) for a visitor's pass, and very cleverly forgot about it on my way out.

Heading towards my unsuspecting victims.

Played mahjong again for the second night in a row. Won an 8-tai game (and zimo-ed)! Sob but sadly that day we happened to play limit at 5-tai sob sob. Been playing too much mahjong, I even dreamt of it last night. Tai-tai in training!

Had work at Hard Rock Cafe today, you know how many people nowadays like to take pictures of/with their food (sometimes using a camera phone with like, 2 megapixels, that then turn out super fuzzy, and the requisite TwIsT poses)?
One table even took photos of the TEA CUPS I served. Like seriously, it's just a plain white mug with a blue rim.

At another table the couple ordered food for themselves and their 4 kids, but nothing for the maid. Like all she got was to share the Jumbo Combo which is a starter with an array of food like spring rolls and potato skins. Sheesh.

Jeannie took Photoshop from my Mac (oh the marvels of Bluetooth) and now MINE DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. I just checked for the official retail price and nearly died- US$700.

Bye bye bye.
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