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Sunday, June 14, 2009
Headed down to Butter Factory after work on Thursday. Like, random. Reached around 2.30am so the place was more or less closed. Down to Lunar- very... gross.. old men.. young girls...nice decor though- where I mastered some dice+cup game, inclusive of all the nifty cup flipping tricks to shuffle (?) the dice!

Cabbed home, barely made it through the front door when Rudy called The World's Best Girlfriend (that's me, for the slow-witted) to cab down to his house cause he couldn't sleep and felt sick after the beer from Lunar. That's what happens when you keep losing at the dice game.

Spent like 7 hours at Smith's studio the other day for Rudy and Justin to do some shots.

Thank goodness I had my Mac! 7hours of Sims3 woohoo.

Justin and Smith.

Here are some of the shots! They look way better in full, and when I tried uploading some the colours came out all distorted? Probably cause of some very cheem computer-ish thingy that I am oblivious to.


My Loodie.

Rudy and Justin.

Rudy, Justin, Matt and Jerry.

Work at Hard Rock Cafe just now! 5.45pm-11.00pm shift.

XY senior writes Angels & Demonds on the whiteboard.
XY senior: "Eh Sophie, how to spell 'Demons' ah?"

XX senior stacks tables into the Expo, which is where the Kitchen delivers food to be served and tons of staff are going in and out to get the plates for the customers.
ZY colleague: "Can put the tables differently? The leg is sticking out, we keep tripping over it."
XX senior: "But it's always been like this."
ZY colleague: "But.. we keep tripping over it?" (To further prove my point, like 3 people, me included, tripped over it afterward)
XX senior: "But it's always been like this."

Zzzz. But it's always been like this what. Hahaha Rudy said the other day one guy asked him how to spell 'Storeroom'.

Anyway most of the staff there are really nice and friendly, especially the junior staff, but they keep going out of their way to split Rudy and I up which is really annoying.
Like seriously, are we going to spontaneously combust if we go near each other? Drop all our plates if we lock eyes?
There's another couple working there too, and they say they've been facing alot of problems too like for the past 1.5 year, getting totally opposing shifts- opening/closing shift-, taunts etc.
Like if I genuinely come downstairs (where Rudy was) to get stuff for the mezzanine floor they'll go "What are you doing here? See boyfriend is it? Stay upstairs!" etc etc.

Bah so dunno, might quit soon. We aren't dying for the job anyway so we tell them stuff like exact same shifts for Rudy and I. Just doing the job for the experience cause I've never done F&B before! Rudy keeps vacillating between Fuck All Of Them Let's Quit and Actually I Think I Want To Stay so I guess it's See How!
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