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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
"Are you KEEN on watching KEANE? Hahahahaha."

What the... That's the latest from MTV Asia, the leader of all things cool and trendy!

Coolest Kids On The Block.

Rudy's taking a course to be a certified tennis coach. No it's not gonna be his job, he's waiting to enter university too. With a cert he can charge more for his tennis lessons that's all.
Anyway his test is soon so being the good-hearted souls that we are, we (Smith, Darren, Chloe and I) all agreed to be guinea pig students for he and his fellow aspiring coaches.

3 hours of tennis... five 20min sessions so that each coach gets a chance to try a n00b student (us). I learnt the: Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Forehand Volley and Backhand Volley.

The worst is that at the end of it all, I doubt I know much more about tennis. Cause like for example after the first coach (who taught me the Serve), the Head Coach (whom we have to give feedback to) told us that we were all taught wrongly. Grrr...

Anyway apparently I have good ball sense hahaha woohoo Serena Williams in the making! Or whoever's top in tennis now anyway. Wtvz I was never particularly interested in tennis.

My little Marley:

Still as unfriendly as ever.

My birthday is in a couple of days... No idea what I'm gonna do. I will be 19 years old. THE last year as a teenager!
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