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now it's such a fragile thing that we have

Monday, July 13, 2009
Was just reading my post-ALevel archives. Whenever you think about your past, you'll always compare different timeframes to each other. I never really found any particular time period better than another. There's always the good, but also always the bad. More often than not, the bad tends to overrule the good, also because the good are just temporary respites where I numb my thoughts with mindless activities. But I mean even if it's stupid, at least at those moments I'm enjoying myself, and sometimes nothing beats that unadulterated fun.

You wonder where you're going with your life now, where everyone that mattered or matters to you is going, and whether any of us will still be able to converge on the same path. You wonder where time has gone, and where time will go.

P.S. This will sound really vapid, but one of the best parts of having quit my job is that I can grow my nails long again!

Hi friends!
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