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Saturday, July 11, 2009
Jude: "When I'm famous in future I won't forget you all."
Sophie: "Huh why would you be famous in Phuture?"

HAHAHA I thought he meant like.. well-known in Zouk hahaha.

Kenneth, Diana, Jude, Alvin.

Hahaha Jude is hilarious to watch on the dancefloor.

Oh after Phuture played the last song at 4am, they waited a few minutes and then played Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror. Not really a fan of his, but it was quite a nice ending.
Am frankly very sick of hearing about him. I mean everywhere I'm seeing the same melodramatic (and honestly eye-rolling) lines like "When he died, a piece of me died with him" or "God has another angel in heaven". ENOUGH WITH THE FACEBOOK STATUSES. Except Addie's- "I don't care that Michael Jackson died".
He was a great and yes arguably the best performer of his time and from what I heard, pretty generous to charities or something, but no he didn't aim to make the world a better place and etc. Mother Theresa, maybe. Move on.

I can't believe University starts in like 3 weeks (right?). Not ready to face the whole alone-on-the-first-day-of-school thing so soon! And I mean the university campus is so vast, it'll literally be a sea of faces and small me. Should have been smart and signed up for one of the camps- "People go so they'll make friends to seek solace with on the first day!" -but I was too lazy to sign up. And especially attend the whole 4-day/night thingamajig..

My new bed is gonna be delivered early afternoon, finally! And LAST day of work at Hard Rock woohoo + payday!

Tata, time for online retail therapy.
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