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Day 3

Friday, August 14, 2009
School right now is such a total waste of time. I only have like one lecture a day, which are either all introductory ones, end an hour early, or are just so boring I fall asleep anyway.

Yesterday I waited 4 hours and climbed up a hill and a flight of creepy stairs and the lecture theatre was really empty and I waited another 30mins and then we were all told the lecture had been cancelled. Damn.

NUS Breakers:
"They're gonna try and break the Singapore record of the most number of folded paper tulips."
"When's that?"
"So they're having a 2-day event to commemorate people sitting down folding paper tulips?"

There was even a mechanized bull, like for $2 hop on and see if you'll get thrown off and have everyone remember you as a sporting but retarded freshman. Wouldn't have minded trying though haha.

So bored I'm sitting all by myself waiting for Rudy to pick me up. Friday's a boring day. None of my (few) friends have lessons today. Tata (tartar).
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