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Thursday, August 20, 2009
Was doing the usual browsing on (a buying and selling community) and I dunno, I just decided to highlight some things that we always laugh about:

Some people sell complete crap. Really really ugly stuff like from when you were young and stupid and in the fashion-disaster transition zone. Stuff like hideous polo tees or spag tops or tshirts with the ugliest print you can think of, but multiplied by ten. We all have that kind of crap in our closet. So why would I want to have more of it (and not even for free)??

THE RETARDED CAPTIONS- complete lies that are so pathetically veiled. Nonsense like "takes u frm day to nite" for some plain, basic spag top, "still considering keeping this for myself cause it's really nice" for some really fugly thing or "much prettier in real life". It might look better in real life, but it's still ugly. OH and lines like "Topshop/F21/ASOS/etc inspired", like yeah, maybe if I were blind I'd see the similarity. I mean, who do you really think you are convincing?

Just because something is old doesn't mean you can try to jack up the price by calling it "vintage"! Most of the time it's just the same fashion-disaster crap, except from our parents' era instead (which is sometimes even uglier).

There are those who negotiate for everything, even when the item is only selling at $4 (seriously I saw). I don't even really understand why someone would bother selling something that's only worth $4, like it's hardly worth the effort of taking pictures and mailing the item out and etc, but people haggling for another $1 off...

The worst about people selling ugly crap is that some of them even aspire to sell it at a relatively high price, using aforementioned excuses to try and justify it. "I'd really rather keep this for myself". Oh you self-sacrificing dear, what a great favor you are doing to the fashion community! Some lucky girl out there will get your marvelous piece of clothing and you can rest well tonight knowing you've just upped your karma points.

Oh and those with the SUPER generous measuring tapes who say that xxx item can fit girls from size UK4 to UK 10 or from size UK6 to UK12. There is a huge difference between a UK4 and a UK 10! Okay for things like oversized tees or smocked tube dresses, that's fine. But I just saw that estimation for a BIKINI. A bikini that fits a UK4 girl (for reference Addie is 156cm-tiny and she's a UK6) will NOT fit a UK10!

Some random items, all in a day's work. Would you buy these?
Very visible ink marks.

If you got it free maybe you'd cut it up, sew it, patch it, whatever. But you wouldn't pay for it right?

Haha sorry I sound kind of nasty in this whole post!
If you're guilty of any of the above, well.. I know you're trying to clear your closet but it really might be easier to just donate it, unless there are girls buying for their young prepubescent sisters to go through their own fashion-disaster stages (but then again there's always the hand-me-downs).

And if it's really so coincidental that you happen to be the person selling one of the above... welllllllll.... I just don't think anyone's gonna buy it :/

But anyway, you can find really nice things on, so have heart my friend; go join! The more members then the more buying/selling opportunities I'd have too woohoo.

P.S. I've only gotten round to doing a selling post once haha. Generally, I buy $_$

By the way beanbags are pretty useless. They end up serving as a dumping ground for clothes and miscellaneous items. Bye-bye!
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