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Frances Maria Lee

Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Omg sadness ))))))):


Vote for her! She has an awesome voice and she's really funny!

Back at St Margs, Frances, Sonia and I always wound up at the library together during Chinese period and we'd have a hilarious time doing stupid things and talking about stupid things. Like when we spied on a teacher conference and got caught so we had to run away, when the crux is that the teacher conference was entirely in Chinese, which we obviously do not even understand. Or played SpiderWeb and climbed the horizontal beams (we're talking a one floor drop unto the table below..) and trying to lure the librarian out (yes Frances, shouting CHEEBYE is very effective) or scribbling things on the wall.

Watch out for her if you're catching the show tonight, she's contestant no.2!

Frances Maria
HI EVERYONE ! (: Please remember to vote tomorrow between 8pm and 10pm when the voting lines are open. You can dial 1900 112 1202 or text the number '2' to IDOLS (43657) ! Thank you so much for all your support guys and i hope you guys enjoy the show tomorrow. (:
16 hours ago
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