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Monday, September 28, 2009
Remember the sequin kitty-kat mask I mentioned previously? I bought it yay!

$7.90 for the mask and $5.90 for the ring, both from Accessorize.


Met to do our Geography project (tourism slogan) zzz school zzz.

Egghead becoming even more egghead-ed.

October's a busy month, I've 2 assignments/projects due every alternate week.

I had finished my Philosophy essay in due time (woohoo). On the NUS Philosophy website it said to submit 4-5 pages in format of the template provided for reference.
But, everyone knows that assignments should always be in DOUBLE SPACING right?
So anyway, I followed the template which was strangely in 1.5 spacing. So last night there was this huge mega confusion on whether 1.5 spacing was still allowed, some tutors said yes, some no.

If I switched my essay to double spacing, I hit a whopping 7 pages which would result in marks deducted, and pages 6 and 7 not even read o.m.g :o
I emailed my tutor but he didn't reply so this morning I had to cut my essay by 2 pages, while rushing for another tutorial! Sob.

Ugh okay bye.
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