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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Monday was Phebe's birthday dinner, with the friends from St Margaret's (omg I spelt that Margeret at first, clearly secondary school was too long ago).
I bought the balloon, which I thought was funny -_- but everyone else scolded me for my choice ):

Sherry and Rachel, with my cute balloon choice. Cute lorz, not meh?

My instax camera and very yuck looking legs there. Must remember to stand properly next time. (Vanity hits you harder at this age).



Down to Holland Village! We ate at 3 Monkeys' Cafe for the "jungle experience". That's what I told Phebe anyway. Right before directing her to a taxi- our "Congo carriage".

By the way the ambience was pretty good with the painted wall murals of jungle animals and staff wearing leopard print vests/togas, but the food sucked.
Like for an average of $16 for a main dish, it was really very average. Although I in fact I even tested their "house special"- Meatballs Spaghetti. (That's not the dish's name, but it describes it accurately enough).

Trying LJ poses again:


?? We were all like "What's with the hand?"

Clearly am the only one to have closely studied the art of Livejournal Pose-ness (I coined that term). We all agreed on this. We now know what all my time is spent on.

Slit eyes.


Rachel and Phebe ate TONS of peanuts.

Best part of the restaurant were the Italian Sodas. Rachel got a really gross one (Mango), Phebe's (Strawberry) and mine (Peach) were really good! Sherry's was alright (Lime).
Wouldn't mind going there just for the drinks haha.
Sherry: "You're trying something new is it?"
Sophie: "No it's just cause it's the cheapest drink." No seriously at $5+ it was way cheaper than the smoothies ($7+). And I don't believe in paying $4.50 for a Coke. So it was that or ice water, and I hate water.

Average food.

This is such a weird shot. I was pretending to smell the aromatic Meatball Spaghetti fumes (obviously before I tasted its average-ness) and Sherry...

Camille came! She's staying at NUS Kent Ridge Hall, we ate at Holland just to accommodate her.

Perv tried pulling my top.


PERV!!! It's not like you don't have your own (way bigger) ones!

Watched Inglorious Basterds after, I found it insanely boring. Do you know that the show is over 2 hours long? There were wayyyy too many parts that could have been cut out.

I actually FELL ASLEEP for the entire of Chapter 4 and woke up because of the gun shots. Anyway you're doomed to come across idiots in the cinema who'll find EVERY SINGLE THING funny. Just because it's some sort of parody/spoof/semi-comedy, it doesn't mean every thing in it is meant to be a joke? Seriously?

But anyway a lot of people thought it was not bad so maybe it was just not my thing. It was pretty gruesome though (M18).

P.S. Found out it's E-Learning Week at NUS next week! HAHAHA which means no lectures! Which means no school! No seriously, I only have 2 tutorials. Harharharharhar.....
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