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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
"You smell nice."
"You wear perfume right?"
"Haha yeah."
"That's why lah. I wanted to tell you last lesson but I thought it might be weird."

Haha O.O wah I smell nice. That's a good thing!

Zouk, Saturday:

Wah Chloe's hand drowning in my hair.


I wouldn't mind pinning my fringe up all the time if I didn't have such a weird hairline! Hair implants are like what, $100 a strand or something?!

Going to be done with my philosophy essay soon. Happy! (I spent the first day of my recess break very productively waking up at 4pm). Still no visible amelioration of eyebags.

I'm going to Paya Lebar for my South East Asian studies field trip report tomorrow! Not revealing exact location in case someone copies me haha. But er okay it's not like there are that many other options for suitable locations (where South East Asian influence is tangible) so half my lecture theatre might be there or something.

"Just had my field trip today, it was damn tiring."
"Omg you are so productive I can't stand you."

Marley The Hamster doesn't seem to like her new hamster food. Oh no she is dissatisfied with her living conditions howwwww.
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