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I was a prawn for Halloween.

Sunday, November 01, 2009
So shrimptastic! (I quote). But anyway last night sucked.

Halloween was an excuse for damn a lot of girls to wear the tiniest pieces of cloth possible, and call it a costume.

Like at Butter Factory I saw a girl wearing this tiny white tube and this white thing she calls a skirt, with a white strip across her stomach and another across her collarbones. Guess what she was dressed up as?
A mummy (I heard her telling her friends). I mean seriously? You've 3 strips of white cloth on you and you call that a mummy?

I saw some other girls wearing nothing but a bikini/bra and bottom (bottom as in a bikini bottom, not even shorts). One girl at Zouk had cut her denim shorts so short, they only covered half her buttcheeks. I mean, it was really the same size as panties. (I tried to take a photo but she wiggled her brazenly-displayed buttocks off too fast).

I mean I know it's the one night you can show a little more skin and it's okay, but some really went wayyyy overboard with that idea? But whatever, you can check me out as a prawn hohoho:

HEHEHZXZ fins on the back!

Oh anyway my costume cost me $40 to rent, which was already cheaper cause it's from the kids' section (which is why the prawn head doesn't sit properly).

I considered going as a flamingo/sunflower but couldn't find a full outfit ): and they were still gonna charge me $60 for it? By the way No.1 Costume Costume was insanely crowded, costumes were strewn everywhere and the stuff was all mixed up.

I had to pay a $60 refundable deposit + rental cost + GST= $102.80
Ouch heart pain $_$

Prawn eating McDonald's cheeseburger.

Haha my feelers (?) kept covering people's faces and hitting them. It got kind of annoying really. Never wearing that kind of thing again. Next year I'll just scrounge something up from my closet.

By the way Chloe pretty much came as nothing. Real creative with the devil horns there...

Diana was the Phuture door bitch that night, and wore the shortest dress possible (provided by Zouk). Tsk. They get to keep it but I really don't see when she couldn't possible wear it again.

Haha I met my friend at the costume shop already, I think the watermelon is SOOOOOO CUTE!

Rudy very creatively wearing a mask. Zzz.

Shaggy in the back on the right haha, Rudy's friend. It's quite unfair, all he did was comb his fringe down and wear a green shirt. I went with him to help him get a drink and he asked me if they tip people here (he's from USA) and I said no. He then promptly tipped the bartender $10. -_-

Diana and Chloe kept scolding me for coming as a prawn ): Chloe said she'd rather I wear slutty slutty short whatever than come as a retarded prawn.

Chloe: "There are 2000 people at Zouk, and only 2 shrimps".

I don't know if there really were 2000 people lah, but anyway it's a prawn costume!!! >:(

Haha Addie got hers first, when I went to the shop I saw only the body of the costume so I thought it was a fish and quite seriously contemplated getting it. Then I saw the head and realised it was the same as Addie's, so I told her she could be a lobster and I'll be a lowly shrimp lor.

Anyway last night sucked because it was so crowded and no one wanted to pay to go in ($28 for girls I think) and because it was an event night, no one could be signed in or whatever.

But my good buddiezxz Dianazxzxz got me in free, so at least I didn't pay. Which would have been damn stupid considering I only went in for 5 minutes. Like seriously seriously, I went in to the toilet, came out and never went back in again. Zzz.

And I realise a prawn really WAS a stupid costume. I mean it was funny, but really pointless. After all, all you can do in it is well, wear it and sit in it. Have you ever seen a dancing prawn? I haven't. Can you imagine a dancing prawn? I can't. Exactly.

Bye bye!
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  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    LOL. super funny post. I mean the costume. Anyway,been reading ur blog since few days ago and i almost finish reading all the post to kill my boredomness. Keep it up pretty. and eat more lolol