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Monday, November 30, 2009
Sometimes I wonder whether we have any right to worry about things like boyfriends, clothes, curfews, boredom.. etc (btw I know of some girls who actually cry because they want a Chanel so badly), when there are girls out there thinking about the father who raped them, the old man they have to marry, the child they have to raise alone, the money they have to make for their family, the hunger and pain they feel, the body they have to sell the survive... The list goes on and on.

It's easy to know about things like that. It's not that hard to recognise that you have everything, but hardest of all to tell yourself that maybe, you should give up some of what you have so that they can have a little bit more.

At moments like these you hate yourself for being so selfish, because deep down you KNOW you could do something if you wanted to. If you cared enough, you would go out of your way to help where you can. The horrible part is realising that maybe, you just don't care enough to give up what you have. And that's the fact you try to hide from yourself.

You convince yourself that there are people richer than you, more able than you, more wasteful than you, and all round more guilty than you. You tell yourself that if you let go of all that, you'd fall behind, because you're currently the only one letting go. So you close the window, flip the channel, turn a page; and convince yourself life is just unfair that way. And it is, because you were born lucky.
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